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Good Quality Maple tonewood violin backs viola backs & cello backs including ribs. Please select instrument and quality. Some of these backs are big enough for viola's give me call.


01 Violin Makers Planes


Traditional Mittenwald model violin makers plane made from brass with curved sole. German made. Blade held in place by hardwood wedge. 40mm & 30mm in stock




Good quality Spruce tonewood for violin fronts viola fronts & cello fronts. Please select instrument and quality. Some of these fronts are big enough for viola's give me a call


02 Violin Makers Planes Screw Cap


Violin makers planes with curved sole Only 47mm & 25mm in stock


03 Ibex Purfling cutter


Ibex purfling cutter with twin adjustable blades (9839) Out of stock




Maple violin neck blocks viola neck blocks & cello neck blocks. Please select Instrument size and quality.


04 Purfling cutter Mittenwald model


Purfling Cutter, brass body, can be for either right or left handed use, lenght 140 mm, blade thickness 1 mm and includes 2 HHS (high speed steel) blades.



Purfing chisel/channel cleaner for removing wood from purfling channel prior to fitting purfling


10 Corner Blocks


Corner blocks. Please select instrument.


10 Luthiers Knife


German made luthier knife with 6mm or 8mm width hardened & tempered steel blade



violin linings viola linings & cello linings, please select your instrument


11 Reamers


violin or viola peg hole reamer with standard taper 1:30


12 Peg shaper


Violin / viola peg shaper. Peg shaper with four peg sizes. Standard taper 1:30. Blade length 50mm.


12 Purfling


Quality purfling made in the traditional way in Germany. We supply two kinds, firstly Wood Purfling - this needs a bending iron to form it to the required shape. Secondly, Fibre Purfling which is flexible enough to not need the bending iron. Purfling is 1.3mm wide and 800mm long, 4 lengths required for violin, 5 for viola and 8 for cello.




violin bass bar viola bass bar & cello bass bar from 1/4 sawn Spruce tonewood. Please select bass bar required.


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